Lacson collaborates with ADI to claim new business territory in Europe


This month, Lacson has signed business cooperation contract with the largest distributor in Europe, ADI. Through the collaboration with ADI who has 27 markets in Europe, Lacson is expected to create the brilliant growth in the very near future.

In the rapidly changing business environment, a stable and reliable networking infrastructure is required. Lacson, the cabling system provider, integrates the high-performance items from copper and optical product lines to offer the superior total solutions. With these selected products, Lacson not only satisfies the different customer’s needs but brings the best profitability to our business partners. Besides, Lacson offers 25-year warranty, excellent service and sufficient technical supports by a professional team. These advantages are believed to create greater opportunities for our partners. 

Lacson and ADI will hold a product presentation in March. Further relevant information will be updated soon.